Welcome to Shinbukan

The Shinbukan Dojo Amsterdam offers classes in the samurai arts shinkendo (swordsmanship), aikido (unarmed) and bojutsu (long staff). Students can choose to train in one or both the arts, based on traditional and practical techniques that you can directly integrate in and apply to all areas of your life.

The school is a community where members:

  • Develop martial arts techniques and strategies
  • Learn self-defense
  • Improve calmness, confidence and awareness
  • Train for a strong, supple and healthy body
  • Learn about Japanese culture and philosophy
  • Enjoy training with a group of like-minded people

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Shinkendo and Aikibujutsu Shokai
This 2010 video featuring Obata-sensei and the Honbu (World Headquarters) Dojo in Los Angeles, USA. An overview of the facets of Shinkendo solo, paired, and live-bladed sword techniques, Aikido throws, arresting and tanto techniques, and Bojutsu (long staff).