How to join?

It is best to come to dojo and watch a class first, as we don’t have trial-lessons. There will be time to talk before and after class with the instructor and/or students. Send an email to to make an appointment.

Class Schedule       Location

The school offers you extensive practice with a group of enthusiastic students that enjoy training with each other and helping each other develop. The students have varied backgrounds and age, men as well as women, and have a common interest in self-enrichment (mental, physical and spiritual), character development, and in social, cultural and philosophical issues. Training involves developing more conscious and effective reactions in conflict situations. Along with the techniques you train self-discipline, self-control, teamwork and leadership, which can be used outside of the dojo in many ways.

The beginning of class typically starts with strengthening and stretching exercises to become fit as well as to warm up well. The classes contain demonstrations of techniques and the application of those techniques. Some exercises are done with the whole group, while others are trained one-on-one with a fellow student. To demonstrate their development, students can test for a higher rank twice a year. Most students only come for one martial art, but you have the possibility to train the three martial arts at the same time. Teenagers from the age of 16 are very welcome to join the regular classes. There are separate classes for children. Especially at young age training in martial arts contributes to self-awareness and self-discovery. Classes are given in Dutch and English, but we use many Japanese words during class to describe the exercises.