Junior Shinkendo

Shinkendo classes for Juniors (11-15yrs).

Practice the prime martial art of the ancient Samurai warriors; Japanese Swordsmanship.

Alongside physical training you will also learn about the Samurai’s philosophies and attitude, and how they mentally prepared themselves to be strong in battle.

Team work, respect and discipline are already an integral part of our Dojo, and we look forward to adding new members to our international community.

Join us after school for regular training on Mondays, 17:00 – 18:00
Classes are given in Dutch and English. Monthly contribution is 30 euro.
Special times and longer workshops during the school holidays will be announced on the website.

Emma White started her study Shinkendo in 2013.

She has the following student and instructor licences:
Goho mokuroku / Shidoin – Shinkendo

To join the classes or for more information please send an email to emma@shinbukan.nl