About the arts

Shinkendo and Aikibuken are based in traditional and practical technique and while the techniques taught in the classroom can be directly applied to situations of self-defence or self-protection, learning the direct application of techniques is only one aspect of the training. Training in Budo and Bujutsu is a path to self-discovery and self-awareness; a path on which practitioners take part in an applied and very personal experiential examination of conflict that is both objective and subjective.

Conflict is a normal part of life. Budo and Bujutsu allow for the practitioner to study conflict and the many forms of its resolution and outcome in infinite variation. In Aikibuken, the practitioner learns to find peace through the resolution of conflict by harmonising with the energy of the opponent and the immediate situation. In Shinkendo, the practitioner learns the etiquette, principles and strategy of the revered Nihonto (Japanese sword). The student of Shinkendo takes part in an invigorating and life-sustaining art form, through which one learns, develops and refines age-old theories of strategy, mannerism and philosophy in an effort not merely to perfect their swordsmanship, but the quality of life in general.

Both Shinkendo and Aikibuken are paths through which we can better understand the conflict we continually face in everyday life with our colleagues, our friends, in ourselves, with ideas/feelings, or in nature. As one becomes more comfortable facing conflict and with the myriad of measures, actions and solutions with which one might meet conflict, greater confidence and awareness is instilled; as well as humility and mutual respect for the self, others and the world we are all a part of.

The teachings of Shinkendo, Aikibuken, the integral philosophy of the Kuyo Junikun (12 precepts of the nine planets stratagem) and the 8 ways of the Hachido are taught in the classroom so that one might learn to integrate this life-affirming knowledge and inner-understanding into their daily lives.

Kuyo Junikun
The Kuyo Mon is a graphic representation of Shinkendo’s proprietary philosophical stratagem, called “Kuyo Junikun”, or “Twelve precepts of the Nine Planets stratagem”. These fundamental points are:

Shinmind, heart, spirit – determination, resolve
Seiprecision, accuracy
Kandistance in space, distance in time
Chiintelligence, knowledge, wisdom
Sokubreathing, respiration – breath control, rhythm
Binspeed, agility, quick reaction
Kan5 senses, perception
Gitechnique, methodology, skill
Rikiphysical, mental power
Setsuaccumulated experience, sequential process
Dandecisiveness, judgment

The Hachido (eight fold path) provides a framework through which the precepts of the Kuyo Junikun can be integrated into daily life.

Ji, ta, shizenself, other, nature
Dai no budo, sho no budolarge martial way, small martial way
Jin chu rocenter of the way, middle path
Zen, akugood and bad
Kodo keizokuaction, continuation
Gojyo goyokufive feelings, five desires
Jin, gi, chu, ko, rei, chi, shincode of bushido
Go, ju, ryu, ki, reifive elements