Membership Rates

Monthly costs for training*

  • Junior Aikido or Shinkendo: € 30,- per month.
  • Aikido or Shinkendo: € 60 per month.
  • Aikido and Shinkendo: € 70 per month.

– Bojutsu is included in the shinkendo and/or aikido training-fee.
– 10% reduction for year/season payment.
– 50% reduction for family-members and students under 20 years.

Training Equipment Costs
All students will need a white judo-style Dogi (training uniform). Shinkendo students need a Bokuto (wooden training sword) in addition to a Dogi. A Hakama (traditional Japanese trousers) can be purchased at a later stage in training.

Dogis cost between €60~65, Bokutos cost €45-50 and Hakama cost €185 (depending on quality).

The dojo can supply all items at retail prices.

Booklets of the history, philosophy, curriculum and testing requirements are available for each course for €10.

Cutting Targets – an additional charge will be made for cost of targets at tameshigiri sessions.

Annual Membership and Testing Fees*
Students training in Shinkendo or Aikibujutsu are required to pay an annual membership fee to the International Shinkendo/Aikibujutsu Federation. The fees are €50 for Shinkendo and/or Aikibujutsu.
All membership fees will be pro-rated based on the starting month of the student but are otherwise due on January 1st of each New Year.

Members of the organisation receive a membership passport, patch, pin and are entitled to test for a higher rank once every 6 months with the teacher’s permission. Testing fees begin at €20 for the first few tests, but are more for tests of higher rank.

Insurance, offered through the Nederlandse Culturele Sportbond (NCS) is required for all dojo members and costs €15 per year.

Private Instruction
Private instruction may be arranged for individuals or groups. Private trainings should not be used as a substitute for regular class attendance, but are intended to augment an individual’s normal training and to make training available to those whose proximity to the dojo makes regular attendance difficult.

Instructional aides and other products
Toshishiro Obata Kaiso, chief instructor of Shinkendo and Aikibujutsu has published several books and videos that are recommended to supplement a student’s training. Shinkendo and Aikibujutsu t-shirts and overcoats are also available. All proceeds are used to support the International organizations.

The school has a library of books which are available for students to borrow with the intention of deepening their understanding of the philosophical, historical and technical aspects of the martial arts.

* Reduced fees are available to dedicated individuals with financial hardships.